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DUBLAB, the Los Angeles-based music collective and radio station, presents a weekly podcast featuring the best live sets and interviews captured in our studio and at our events. Subscribe and experience cross-genre musical explorations and conversations that reflect dublab's ever-curious approach to the world of music.

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    Hudson Mohawke- Live at dublab (11.01.08)

    Producer, composer, and DJ, Hudson Mohawke, stopped by Flying Lotus' show, Brainfeeder, for a live set. We hope you can tune in for a frenetic performance.

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    Linda Perhacs Band- Live at dublab (11.18.10)

    Linda Perhacs and her band composed of Julia Holter, Michelle Vidal, and Aaron Robinson stopped by the dublab studio for a live performance. Perhac’s 1970 album, Parallelograms, has become a timeless classic. Tune in for a special performance by a truly unique artist and her band.  

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    Joseph Hammer - Live at dublab (08.20.18)

    Artist and LAFMS member Joseph Hammer stopped by Victoria O'Hanlon's show for an interview and live performance of tape loop manipulation.

    Joseph Hammer is a Los Angeles based sound artist working in the fields of plunderphonics and musique concrète. He is a member of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.

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    L.A. Takedown - Live at dublab (06.30.18)

    On their new album II, L.A. Takedown align the moody grandeur of a film score with the pure melodicism of pop. Led by Los Angeles-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Aaron M. Olson, the seven-piece band delivers a guitar-driven take on synth-pop that’s inspired its own genre. “Bjorn Copeland of Black Dice once described L.A. Takedown to me as ‘Baywatch Krautrock,’” Olson recalls. “I found myself saying, ‘Well, you know…it’s not not that—works for me!” Still, despite any association with oceanic hedonism, II ultimately leaves it to the listener to dream up their own imaginary movie for each beautifully sprawling track to live in.

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    Domingo Siete – Live at dublab (01.15.01)

    Domingo Siete has brought life and joy to our ears. With their explosive energy, they move us from within and keep on moving without. This dublab “Sprout Session” is be a perfect example of that.

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    Saul Williams – Live at dublab (08.22.03)

    Hop into the dublab time machine and check out Saul Williams' live performance from 2003!

    Writer, performer, activist and DJ Saul Williams has been a hugely impactful and greatly inspiring voice in spoken word poetry, perhaps more than anyone else. One of several performances for dublab, this incredible 2003 set features radical, mind-expanding selections of jazz, soul, rock and more. Even John Lennon and Eddie Murphy make appearances, as does Caetano Veloso with a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” In the second half, Saul takes us on a journey with his own spoken words.

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    Dina Maccabee - Live at dublab (05.30.17)

    Back in May 2017, Dina Maccabee stopped by the studio and performed 46 minutes of live music solo! Aside from closing out the set with a cover of Brazilian composer and musician Caetono Veloso, Maccabee played all original music for viola and voice. Around the time of her visit, she released an album titled "The World Is In The Work." Since then, she has appeared on albums by tUnE-yArDs, Andrew Tuttle, and a remix album of her own work titled "The Work Is In The World."

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    Fabiano do Nascimento – Live at dublab (01.29.17)

    Last month, Brazilian jazz guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento stopped by the dublab studio for a brief, gorgeous set of solo guitar. Nascimento has collaborated with saxophonist Sam Gendel, singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd, and legendary percussionist Airto Moreira and his newest album, Tempo Dos Mestres, is available now via Now Again. His performance, which you can stream and download below, is not to be missed.

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    Triorganico – Live At Dublab (10.16.09)

    Enjoy a live session from our past series at KPFK! We first heard of Triorganico thanks to the forward thinking folks at Now-Again who released their album Convivencia. After multiple listens we were sure this was a revived archival rarity from a mysterious bunch of Brasilian musicians recorded circa ’67. We were thrilled to learn that these cats were making this wonderful music now and right around the corner so we invited them in for a session. The resulting recording captures the three musicians beautifully boiling Bossanova down to its essence. They reach complex climaxes from core elements masterfully combined. They reflect wide ranges of emotion and tone while channeling the vibes of composers such as Hermeto Pascoal whose songs reflect shades within us all.

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